Sunday, August 9, 2015

All Original 1947 Hudson Super Six For Sale

I have decided to sell my 1947 Hudson Super Six that is all original with a rebuilt engine and much more.

 All original 1947 Hudson  Super Six 4 door with rebuilt engine ,radiator, heater core, electric fuel pump, new hoses, spark plugs & wires,rebuilt generator, water pump, oil pump and new exhaust system all done in 2013. the original wiring is in good condition and repaired where necessary.In 2010 the breaks and cylinders were rebuilt with new Dayton steel belted tires and new gas shocks, the clutch replaced, gas tank flushed and starter rebuilt. The battery was replaced June 2015.
The upholstery has no rips, tears or worn through spots, wind lace at doors show wear, rubber front mat is in good shape, rear carpet has stain but not worn through, the burlap trunk mat has disintegrated (what left is in a bag in the trunk). The 6 volt radio, clock and over drive work, the original jack and spare is in the trunk.
Note original windshield washer.

Clock and 6 volt radio work.

Original upolstery in good condition.

Steel belted tires.

 Trunk with no rust and original jack also have spare tire.

 The original sales slip from Morohn Motor & Implement CO. in Grand Rapids, Minn. dated 8/22/47 is with the car as well as the original owners manual plus other documents.

 The body is rust free with 2 small dents in the hood and 2 paint damaged spots on the hood, paint has some minor chips and scratches, chrome and stainless are in good condition but show their age. All the glass is in good condition and all windows work,the sun visor and skirts are in good condition.
the engine was rebuilt at 36,065 miles, there is now 36,072 miles on the car. The car starts,  runs and drives very nicely but the carburetor should be rebuilt and the clutch chatters a little as the car is not driven enough.
 Paint damage on hood.
 New exhaust system being installed.

 Rebuilt engine going into car.
 This is where I found the car in southern California

 New cork clutch.
I bought this car in southern California where it had been kept indoors for 22 years by the previous owner and brought it to Arizona where it is kept in a garage.
There were 9001 of these cars produced.

Call Ron at 928-530-3275 with any questions or E-Mail at
Car can be seen in Kingman AZ.

ASKING PRICE $16,500.00 or best offer.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


The T-Bird is back on the floor with the suspension work done and it now has brakes. Note: If you double click on a picture it will come full screen then click the back arrow to return to blog.

 A shot of the engine compartment with the new master brake cylinder installed that is the third one ordered the first two were sent back because they leaked around the piston and out the push rod hole. What ever happened to good parts.

 Above & below the new coil-overs installed with new ball joints, A-arm bushings and rubber brake hoses. The rotors, calipers and pads are in good shape. Wheel bearings were cleaned and repacked with new wheel seals. New mounts had to be fabricated at the bottom of the coil-overs as the T-Bird shock mount that attach to the top of the upper A-arm would not work and at the top spacers were made to fit where the stock shocks were attached.

 I made my own power bleeder from the old master cylinder lid and my air pressure regulator, that is used with the paint spray gun, and reduced the pressure to 10 lbs. then ran a quart of brake fluid through all 4 wheels to flush the old black fluid from the lines and wheel cylinders. After every thing was flushed with clean fluid coming out at each wheel my wife pumped the brake pedal while I bled the air bubble's until we had a nice firm pedal.
 A shot of the nice clean and painted front suspension before the brakes were installed.
 Update on the 60 Ford Starliner that is still at Hot Rods by Dean, the paint and new suspension work is complete so the new grill was next.

 Below is a billet grill for a 04 to 08 Ford F 150 that we thought would work but it was not wide enough to fill the space between the head lights. that is now for sale on criag's list.
Above is the hand formed grill from 1/16 X 3/4 flat bar stock. The back supports will be blacked out with the front of the bars polished that will give the grill the appearance of floating in the opening. The head lights have been re positioned  to fit the angle and grill. New turn signal/parking lights will be round and above the head lights in the corner of the hood-fender.
The back of the car had a plastic filler between the tail lights that looked cheep. Now a hand formed grill, that matches the front, has been made and will receive the same treatment as the front with blacked out supports and polished bars.

Next the interior will be worked on with a center console and bucket seats from a 65 Thunderbird.