Thursday, October 11, 2018

41 Cadillac Start the Finish Work

The frame got mounted to the rotisserie and the body went to Henderson for blasting. I painted the frame with POR 15 Chassis Black along with the brackets and underside of the front shock tower supports.
The painted frame was moved over to make room for the body and all the blasted parts.

 The bottom side of the shock towers and brackets.
 I strung a cable across the shop to hang all the smaller parts on for primer paint.
 Body looks a lot better after the media blast, Blastco did a good job.

 Above and below all the parts are setup for primer.
 The areas that need patching were masked to make welding easer.

 The 6 pictures below are of the body and parts after painting with self etching primer for bare metal.

 The right and left side of the body where the rear fenders bolt on was rusted away and needs to be patched.
 Right side.

 Left side.
 I made a pattern and cut the two pieces from .050 metal then bent a 90 degree angle where it fits into the wheel well.

 Two pictures of the patch welded in then ground with a 40 grit flapper disc matched up pretty good. Now all I have to do is make 100 more, so that will be the work for the next several weeks.
 My Grand Daughter had told me several months ago that she would like to build a early mustang and ask if I would help her in the build, So I have been looking for one since then and came across this 64 1/2 all original Mustang for sale on Craig's List. It was listed for $3,550 and I offered $3,000 that was accepted. It now is in the shop covered up and ready for my grand Daughter to start when she has time.
 It is rust free, fair interior, no major damage and all there. The original 6 cylinder engine has 15,000 and starts and runs.
 This will be a fun project.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


The gutted 41 body was fit to the frame with the 07 floor pans and fire wall in place.

 The 07 back seat was put in place and fit but the foot well is a little high.

 The 41 front fenders, radiator / grill support were bolted in place and a few adjustments had to be made for the front fender fit on the 07 shock towers and wheel wells.

 I had to made room for the 07 radiator & condenser in the 41 grill support without moving the grill or any of the front of the 41 components.

 Above and below show the new radiator support brackets that I fabricated, the two holes in the front frame horns are the original location the two closer to the cross member are the new location.

 The radiator was set in place and the upper and lower hoses to the engine were tried and fit.
 The sides, top and bottom of the grill support had to be cut away to fit over the radiator then filler pieces fit and welded in to keep the shape and support the hood latch assembly.
 I looked at the shock tower cross support that I had made and it looked like it might hit the hood.
 The hood was lowered into place and sure enough it hit the cross brace and held the hood up about 2".
 I was able to crawl in through the fire wall area to reach the brace and scribe it to the hood shape to know where to cut it. The brace was removed, cut down and reinstalled and the hood now fits.

 I was looking at Craig's List for Cadillac parts and came across this 07 rebuilt 4.6 V8 long block with only the bolt on accessory's missing for $900.00 that a fellow had bought for his project 7 years ago and must sell it , with a engine stand, as he sold the project car and is moving to a smaller place. Went to Phoenix the next day and bought it.
 The body and floor pans were removed from the 41 frame.
 Additional braces were made and the body mounted on to the dolly that I made so it could be transported to Henderson NV. to be media blasted.

 Not much left of the 41 floor pans, fire wall or trunk that had to be supported to keep its shape.

 With the engine removed additional supports were made to support the front suspension and shock towers. Above is the passenger side and below the drivers side that also shows where the steering will be connected.

 Supports from the frame to the shock towers / front wheel wells were fabricated and installed.
A good picture of the 07 front subframe mounting bolts ,2 of 6, on the bottom of  the 41 frame.
 With the added supports finished the front suspension and shock towers were removed that left just the frame to be patched, ground and prepared for paint.

The frame was mounted on the rotisserie and 1 gallon of chassis semi gloss black ordered. Next posting I will start the finish work, deliver to body to Henderson and start the body rust restoration.

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