Sunday, August 3, 2014


The 60 Edsel Station Wagon is finally back together and running.

 I was able to find all the parts put it back together before doing the paint, glass, upholstery and chrome. All the trim is on except some of the glass trim and the roof trim.

 The interior is back in with new carpet and door panels (not installed yet). I have a roll of seat covering material but no head liner. Seat belts were added. Could not find the ash tray for the back of the front seat.
The inner fenders, radiator support and hood latch support were sand blasted primed and painted.
The front gravel pan was missing and taken from the sedan parts car.
The surge tank, fan and spacer were damaged and I found them on Craig's list in California. New water pump, fuel pump and fuel line to caburator installed.
All the original wiring was repaired and used. new heater hoses and radiator hoses installed.
New exhaust system was found on E Bay by Classic Exhaust that fit just like the original stock one.

The exhaust runs over the axle then to the outside of the frame where the muffler is mounted using the stock hangers.
Dash wiring and guages were repaired new ignition switch, head light switch and dimmer switch installed.
The floor pans were covered with Dynamat, heat and sound insulation, from the fire wall to the back of the rear seat.

New carpet kit front and rear in the orignal color installed along with a new gas petal.
New starter and generator and voltage regulator with rebuilt power steering pump and cylinder with new hoses installed.
When I drove the car for the first time it did not go to far as the transmission fluid was low so I parked it for the night the next morning there was puddle of rear end oil on the floor so I dropped the drive shaft and removed the axles and pinion gear to replace all the seals and found bad pinion bearings and races so all the seals,bearings,races and u joint are new. The second test drive went much better the car runs, drives and stops good and every thing works.
I have spent $7,500.00 in parts and engine rebuild and 650 hours to get the car drivable and asking $9.000.00 for it if anybody out there is interested contact me at
This is the 1960 Edsel 2 door sedan parts car that I will put up for sale.


The first part of June I was getting restless with no car shows sense February so we took the camper on a 3 day trip. Started the first day by driving to the Meteor Creator on I-40 east of Flagstaff 30 miles and arrived there at  9 AM as it was cool enough to leave Charlie (our dog) in the truck.

The crater is 2.4 miles in circumference, 550 feet deep and 50,000 years old.
You can not go down inside the crater but the look outs are good and there is a guided walking tour on the rim.
Looking down from the lookout to the courtyard of the visitor center with our truck camper in the parking lot.
Nice visitor center and gift shop with a museum and theater that shows a film on the creation of the crater.
When we came out there was a 1940 2 door sedan towing a old trailer in the parking lot and I spoke with the owner and his wife. They are from Michigan and driving the entire Route 66 all the way to California.

We drove from the meteor crater to Winslow and visited the Tee Pee Motel on route 66 then to "standin' on the corner", a Eagles song "take it easy" with lyrics "standin on the corner in Winslow Arizona such a fine site to see o my lord its girl in a flat bed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me" note the flat bed ford in the window behind me.

Then it was on to the Petrified Forest National park with the first stop at Rainbow Forest where there is a visitor center. museum, gift shop and a self guided walking tour.
These are a few pictures of the petrified trees on the walking path.

A stop at the agate bridge where there is a petrified tree across a wash.

When you leave the petrified forest and enter the painted desert you cross route 66 where this marker and car are.

We stopped at several spots in the Painted Desert.
And the visitor center.
At the end of the first day we went from the painted desert to a KOA RV park in Holbrook.
The next morning we took the back roads, hwy 87 from Winslow through Camp Verde to Montezuma Castle National Monument.
Built by Southern Sinagua farmers between 1100 and 1300 a 5 story 20 room dwelling that occupies a cliff recess 100 feet above the valley.

Then it was on to Montezuma Well (above and below) a limestone sink formed long ago, still fed by continuously flowing springs. There is a self guided walking tour that is about 2 miles.
It was a short drive to Tuzigoot (Apache for "crooked water")National Monument through the Verde Valley that is the remnant of Southern Sinagua village built between 1000 and 1400 the original pueblo was two stories high in places, with 87 ground-floor rooms.

It was not lunch time yet so we drove through Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Jerome to Prescott where we stopped at In-Out Burger for lunch then a easy drive home.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


In May I took my 74 Ford F-250, that I have had for 40 years, to Hot Rods by Dean to get the the left front fender replaced the was damaged by a tire blow out while I was returning from Phoenix delivering the Edsel 292 to be rebuilt. Dean did a great job on the fender, matching the 40 year old paint and repairing some damaged paint and trim behind the left rear wheel opening also caused by an earlier blow out.
 The tread came off and hit the fender, broke the support bracket, bent the running board and did other damage.
 This is what is left of the tire. The truck now has 4 new tires on it.
 We scheduled our trip to Phoenix to pick up the truck the weekend of May 17 as Dean had invited us to attend his invitation only open house to unveil the 1958 Chevy Impala that he was commissioned to build by Street Rodder Magazine.
 We picked up the truck Saturday morning at Dean's shop then went to West World RV park in Scottsdale with the 74 and our camper. We used the 74 to run around and to go to Dean's that evening.
The "reveal" was hosted by Brian Brennan the Editorial Director/Editor of Street Rodder Magazine with some of his staff on hand. The Impala is the 2014 Amsoil/Street Rodder Road Tour car that will be driven on the tour June through October. You can see the schedule and locations in the magazine. 
 There will be a article in Street Rodder that list's all the info and specs on the car. The attention to detail is unbelievable.  
 Upholstery is by Glen Kramer "Hot Rod Interiors" of Phoenix

 Picture is a little dark but you can see the large fins that made that year Chevy stand out.
 The car has a custom made chassis, engine and every thing else except the body. 
 This is the Street Rodder shop truck also built by Hot Rods By Dean.