Wednesday, January 28, 2015


January 21 to 26 2015 we took the 1953 Kaiser "Karens Kaiser" to the Grand National Roadster Show "The Grand Daddy of Them All"

 We stayed at the KOA RV Park next to the Fairplex, unloaded the car from the trailer on Thursday morning and carried the display carpet sticking out of the passenger window. Waited in line an hour before they would let us into the building.
 We got in, unloaded the carpet & lay'ed it down, moved the car in place and started the display setup that took 2 hours including the cleaning.

 One of the outstanding was this hand formed all aluminum car.

 This 1947 Hudson truck won first place and best paint.

 Moor beautiful hot rods.
 This is one of 13 contenders for most beautiful roadster.
 The theme was The Grate Gatsby and lots of people dressed up.

 This 1959 Cadillac De Ville is from Italy and was hung up in customs untill just before the show.

 Lots of low riders like this Lincoln Continental and the chopped Pontiac.
 The 34 Ford below won most beautiful roadster.
 This is a sectioned 50 Ford built in the 50's and recently restored.
 Karen won 1st place in Full Hardtop and took Dean, who did all the paint and finish work on the  Kaiser, on the stage with her.
 Karen with the 1st place trophy in her Great Gatsby "Flapper" dress. 
 A very happy Ron & Karen.
 The Kaiser will go to the Sacramento Autorama at the end of February next.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


The original plan was to get the car running and make all the different systems work. The first one was the fuel system. After removing the fuel gauge sender and fuel line from the tank I was able to clear the gas line but the tank was so bad I decided to replace it.

 Below is the sending unit out of the tank, rusted and plugged, the inside of the tank looked just as bad.
 The old tank and sending unit next to the new tank and sending unit with the straps blasted and painted.
 I like the flow though air vent system that takes air in at the cowl and exhaust through the grill under the rear window. When the rear grill was removed the air box was full of dirt and mud.
 The back seat, package shelf and the vacuum operated vent doors were removed and cleaned.
 Vent doors were blasted, painted and the vacuum lines replaced.
 All clean and ready for the grill to go back in. The drain hoses were also plugged with mud, I saved one but the other cracked and fell apart.
 While I had the back of the car apart all the wiring was check and repaired as necessary. The lighting system worked except the turn signals and one head light. I could not fix the turn signal sequencer for the tail lights (another feather I really like) so a new electronic one was bought and installed. New one shown in front.
 The head lights were full of dirt and mud that caused one of the terminals to rot off so all the head light buckets had to be cleaned and the dimmer switch had to be replaced.
 The swing a-way steering wheel linkage was taken apart, cleaned and lubed to make it work, The rest of the dash was taken apart, cleaned, chrome polished, clock and dash lights fixed. I wont know if all the gauges work until I get the engine running.

 All the trunk lining and padding was taken out that reviled rust on both sides of the upper trunk floor. Above is the passenger side rusted area above the exhaust muffler and below shows the repair. Note the original bumper jack is still in place.

 Above is the driver side rusted area and below the repair.
 All the electric windows (front & rear) were so badly gummed up with old grease, dirt and some rust they all had to taken apart, cleaned and new grease. Found one bad motor but there was a good one in the spare door and one of the rear window switches is missing. The replacement door was removed, striped and the dent popped out with more work to do on it.

After inspecting the engine and doing a compression test (that found #1 cylinder with only 70 lbs. of compression), the radiator core is leaking, 3 of the 6 freeze plugs in the side of the block are rotted out, the oil in the pan look like it had never been changed, the oil filter had been cross threaded and all the water & vacuum lines in the engine compartment are shot. So it looks like the car will come apart for a rebuild.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


My next project car is a 1965 Thunderbird. The car has been stored for the last 25+ years and has 73651 miles original miles on it. Purchased in Los Angles in 1965 then moved to Las Vegas in 1975 by the same owner. It starts & runs but needs a lot of TLC, upholstery, paint, tires & brakes and all the systems have to be rebuilt, flushed and cleaned. 

 The car was on Craigs list and located in Las Vegas NV.
 The front, back and passenger side are in good condition.

 The driver side door has been replaced and is dented. The original door had rusted through at the bottom. the rest of this side is good.
 I went to Las Vegas yesterday (11/26/14) it's a 300 mile and 3 hour round trip from my house but the trip went well.


We took the 51 to Scottsdale this November after I had replaced the air ride system.

 Below are the new Accuair components for the air ride system, control module, 4-corner valve unit, control console, 4 ride height sensors, pressure switch, wire harness's, 3/8" air lines & fittings and hardware.
 The old system was made up of Accuair control module, Ride Tech air valve (frond & rear only not 4-corners).

 Ride Tech front and rear ride height sensors with the wiring spliced and patched in to the Accuair and 1/4" air lines.

 New front ride height sensor above new system installed below behind back seat below.

 G.G Scottsdale a model A chopped, channeled, with a cad engine above.  
 Above & below another chopped, channeled and 32 grill with a Desoto Fire-Dome Hemi (the same engine that was in my 50 Ford high school car).

 How about this for a Nash.
 The Tucson boys built another Kaiser Darrin with a cad engine. 
 Lots of rat rods were at the show.
 4000+ cars were at the show on Saturday.