Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Project Car 49 Hudson

A friend in Fort Mohave told me of a 49 Hudson that would make a good project car as it had been modified before  it was parked for several years. He had his daughter in law send some pictures to my E Mail and we were able to come to an agreed amount.

 The wheels were off the car and were in the trunk but all flat. The rear door handles were shaved and below the front end and grill is modified.
 Tail lights french'ed in.
 Dash, steering column and seats changed.
 There is a V8 with automatic transmission in the car.
 We went to Mohave Valley on Saturday, loaded the car on our trailer (after I aired up the tires) and brought it home.
 The car did not look like tit was in bad shape but I have not taken it apart yet.

 Has modern gauges and steering column.
 A moon roof has been added.

 I removed the seats and 3 layers of carpet and found some rust in the front floor pans and ordered a replacement set.
 All the modifications to the car were done with bondo (1/2 " thick in some spots) right over the rust so a lot of cutting had to be done to remove the front grill area and finders. The fenders are not in good shape.
  With the front end off I can see that there is a front clip on the car that is from a Chrysler or Dodge and has torsion bar  suspension and a 440 CI big block mopar engine and transmission.  Do not know yet where I am going with this project but it will become clear as I work through it.

 I put American Racing 17" wheels and Michelin tires on the 65 and will take it to the upholstery shop on March 19.

Monday, December 18, 2017


The Thunderbird is  finally coming together after 3 years of working on it (started Nov. 2014) with all the parts now reassembled. Next we need to decide on wheel and tires. First we tried the wheel from the 51 that is a 17" American Racing.

 Then tried the wire spoke wheel from the 60 Starliner and decided to go with the 17" American Racing style wheels and Michelin tires. Now looking for wheels we can afford.
 The head lights still had to be put back together and I had seen some cars at the Good Guys Scottsdale show with Halo Headlights that I liked so I bought a set.
 The headlight buckets had to be modified (slots on each side) to accept the LED Halo Bulb and the existing adjusting screws were frozen so new ones were purchased
 The new lens accept Halogen lamps that will be much brighter and the Halo ring at the outer edge of the lens are on all the time the engine is running.
 Along with the existing lamp sockets new wiring harness had to be made for the new LED bulbs.
 New lens in place.
 Headlights are now complete.
 I set up a backboard at the back of the shop to adjust the headlights. The painted grill looks good.
 The old upholstery was put back in the car to make sure all the parts are there, back seat and package shelf were first.

 Passenger side front bucket seat.
 The steering wheel was filled, sanded smooth and painted to match the car.

 The drivers side front bucket seat is in bad condition. The plan is to send the interior pictures to 3 or 4 upholstery shops for a budget cost after the first of the year and so we can set the money aside to have the car re upholstered.
Still have some odds and ends to work on but as of now the car is back together.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Each November we try to go to the Good Guys Scottsdale show as we like the RV area and the large number of cars they draw each year.   This year there were over 3000 cars and trucks. We took Karen's 53 Kaiser as Hot Rods By Dean ask us to put the car in their booth to show the wide variety of work they do. We arrived on Thursday and took the car to the Dean booth that afternoon, the show did not open until Friday.

 Friday was fairly busy and we spent most of the day at the show. About 2 that afternoon my daughter  came to the RV with 4 of my Grand children and brought Thanksgiving dinner for us to share. We had Ham, dressing, veggies and a plate of fancy pears  along with sparkling cider. All very good and we had a wonderful visit
 Saturday morning you had to there early as a lot of cars, trucks and people showed up.

 Very nicely done 30's Dodge.
 How about a Hudson Metropolitan with a 350 Chevy V8 in it.
 Top 10 34 Ford.
 Top 10 Packard.
 Top 10 Gram.
 Restored 39 La Sal.

 The Kaiser Daren Brothers from Tucson brought all 3 of there Daren's.
 There were lots of rat rods this one was almost to nice to call a rat rod.
 This was the last car show for the year for us and look forward to see what 2018 will bring.


The T-Bird is slowly going back together with the side windows getting installed, dash being re assembled, exterior stainless & chrome trim, bumpers back on. I got the car running then moved it over to the hoist bay to install the exhaust system.

 The engine fired up on the first try with the new EFI on it, warmed it up and set the timing. Had to add transmission fluid and power steering fluid other than that it ran and idled good.
 Still have the headlight assembly to tackle but the re-chromed bumpers and painted grill went together; with the help of my overhead hoist, I used to pick them up while bolting them in place. All the turn signal and parking lights work.
 The back of the car is done except the rear glass.
 Dash is back together leaving the bottom and side panels off until I finish the testing to make sure everything works.
 Side glass and stainless trim took a lot of time and I still have to adjust the door glass after the new window switch assembly is received as I discovered they were not working after the window motors were installed. New exterior door handles were purchased as the old looked old.
 Exhaust was next and when I got the car on the hoist; the mufflers I purchased from Summit would not work, as they were not center in and out but one off set, and had to buy the Thrush glass packs that would fit. This delayed the exhaust installation a week.
 Once I got the mufflers the pre-made exhaust pipes went together and fit very good.
 All the original exhaust hangers were used with out having to add any.
 Tail pipe hangers are a little large and I might change them for less noticeable ones.
 I bought a A/C gauge set and vacuum pump then watched 3 you tube videos, to make sure I wouldn't mess it up, then purged and charged the A/C system.
 After putting the E-Brake back together and fixing a few leaks;  the car was moved back to to center bay, and the over head hoist used to put the hood back on.
 Next the interior of the car will be put back together, rear glass installed and all the glass polished and adjusted.