Wednesday, September 6, 2017


In August we had planed a trip to Coeur d' Alene Idaho to met up and visit with my daughter and grand kids and Karen's daughter and her grand kids it turned out that the Good Guy's car show in Spokane was at the same time and decided to take the Starliner for the 3 day show. The trip was 22 hours of driving and 1800 miles one way (long trip.) Spokane is about 30 miles from Coeur d' Alene and I would drive the Starliner to the show each day. Friday morning I picked up my son in law and drove to Spokane for the first day, all went well.

 The Spokane Fair Grounds is very nice with lots of trees and grass and we got the car parked and cleaned then went for a walk to see the other cars.
 Took very few pictures on Friday as we would have 2 more days for them and Saturday has the most cars at the show.
 This is a DeSoto 2 door with a Fire Dome (hemi) in it. I had a 57 DeSoto Fire Dome in my 50 Ford in high school.
 Friday afternoon about 3 PM we started the car to drive back and had our first problem, the car would not go into gear had no reverse and no drive but it went into gear in low. we got out of the show into the parking lot and  checked the shifting linkage  and still just had low.Started out and found it would shift to all 3 gears so drove out to the freeway and got about 10 miles when the car died running at 65 and coasted to the shoulder. Tried every thing I could think of to get it started with no luck and burned up the starter solenoid in the process. Was able to find a tow truck that would get the lowered car on it without damage and took back to the RV park where we were staying. Loaded the car into the trailer using the wench and called it a day. That night I started some internal bleeding and took it easy on Saturday, that afternoon the bleeding continued to get worse and Karen took me to the Hospital where I spent Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night. They got the bleeding stopped and I got out Monday morning.
 Monday afternoon I felt OK so we went with my Daughter (below) and grand kids to a gold mine about 30 miles out of Coeur d' Alene.

 Grand kids and son in law on the tour of the mine.
 Some of the old tools left in the mine.
 Karen in the gift shop buying post cards.
 After the mine tour went out to an area setup with tubs of sand and stones in water to learn how to pan for gold.

 Karen and Charlie enjoyed the nice weather.

 We all tried our hand at panning for gold with little success but found a lot pretty stones.

 Karen and my Daughter drove me home that took another 22 hours and 2 days. 
 After a few days home I worked on the Starliner to find out what went wrong. First installed a new starter solenoid then installed a new electric fuel pump at the gas tank to make sure the Fitech tank had gas in it then called Fitech after trying to start the car several times. The tech had me run some tests and found that the high pressure pump was not working and that,s why the engine die,ed (ran out of gas). I fabricated a spanner wrench to get the Fitech Tank apart to install the new pump they sent me. The engine fired right up with the new pump.

 Last problem was the transmission. After checking everything outside the transmission I dropped the pan and found that the shift rod had come out of the shift arm. There is a stop on top of the shift arm that has warn out over the years and must be removed to weld a new stop on it.
I found a transmission shop in Kingman that is willing to come out to the house to do the repair but will have to wait until next Saturday for him to have the time.
A long trip with a lot of problems but it was nice to see the family.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

EFI for the Starliner

I start and run all the cars the first of the month, this month I noticed a gas stain under the 60 Ford Starliner and found the gas tank was seeping gas. We will be taking it to the Good Guys show in Spokane in August and it must be fixed. A new gas tank was ordered then after it run and wormed up I could smell gas under the hood. I had already decided to put fuel injection on the Thunderbird so why not get rid of the leaky carburetor on the 60. The Fitech EFI fuel injection dose not require a in tank pump and there is a spot where the remote Fitech tank will fit very nicely.

 The Fitech EFI system is made up of two components one is the EFI Throttle Body Injectors with a built in computer and the second is the remote fuel tank with the high pressure pump in it that mounts in the engine compartment and fed by the stock engine fuel pump.
 Every thing you need to install the system is included in the kit wires, cables, fittings, fuel lines, gaskets etc. and easy to follow instructions.
 Here are some of the items lay'ed out including oyx. sensor that requires a threaded bung to be welded or clamped to the exhaust and the water temperature sensor that I put in to the tee fitting with a nipple in the bottom and the heater hose fitting will go in the top.
 This is the fuel tank mounted in the engine compartment with the supplied brackets and hi and low fuel pressure gauges. This tank requires a vent line be run back to the vent in the gas tank, I used a 5/16 hose that is strapped to the fuel line coming from the main tank.
 The 60 Ford has a lot of space ahead of the wheel well and next to the radiator. The cylinder next to it is the power steering reservoir.
 I welded the exhaust bung to the header pipe but you can clamp it i  with the supplied gasket.

 Below is the Holly carburetor that was on the car for the last 35 years.
 With everything cleaned up the throttle body can go on.
 New EFI injection throttle body in place, wired and plumed. It is the same height as the carburetor so no problems with the air cleaner.
 Installation complete and it runs and starts better than before. It took me 2 days to install the new system.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


There is a car show each year in Prescott AZ on Fathers Day week end that I enjoy if it is not to hot. This year I took the Kaiser for the one day show.

 The Kaiser shows well and always draws  a lot of attention. 

 There is always large verity of cars like this modified VW and Packard.
 Chopped and channeled 32 sedan next to a rat rod.
 The cars are separated on two sides of the center isle in to two categories modified above and stock / restored below. The Kaiser was put into modified.
 Very nice Olds Tornado and a Chrysler 300 convertible.
 There were about 200 to 300 cars at the show.

 Restored Dodge truck above and vintage Jag below.
 Nice day not to hot got into the 90's in the afternoon but the awards are given out at 2:30 and I was on my way home by 3:330.

Stained Glass for Caboose

I decided that the Caboose needed some color so I made 2 stained glass windows for the 2 - 2' X 2' windows at the top of the cupola.

 The Owl and Flying Dragon turned out good
 Added lots of color and blocks out the sun in the afternoon.
 Karen at work in her Caboose
 The glass work starts with sketches and drawings at the size the window will be. 
 Here you can see the picture turned into drawing then a pattern. The glass band saw is in the foreground for the Moore difficult cuts.

 I use a piece of plywood marked up with center lines then make a frame the size of the glass and lay the pattern in it to fit the pieces after they have been cut.There are 2 glass grinders on the work bench, one with a 1" bit and one with a 1/4" bit to fit the glass together.

 Here the glass is being fit together then the edges are foiled with copper tape for the solder that binds it together. You can see the foil tape and table on the bottom right.

These glass windows take about 50 hours each.