Friday, July 15, 2016


Saturday June 18 we took the 51 to  the Yavapai Classic Cruisers car show at Mile High Middle School in Prescott AZ. We left the house at 5:30 AM as it's a 2 hour trip to Prescott and the show started at 8 AM, all went well except one of the trailer tires had a large blister on the side of it when we arrived at the show. I carry 2 spares in the trailer and changed the tire after I unloaded the car, checked in and had the car set up.

 They had over 200 cars show up for the Fathers Day show and a good verity like this willies Gasser and chopped 34.
 Chopped and channeled rat rod I think it started out as a Chevy.

 1953 Kaiser like Karens Kaiser except this one is stock with a Chevy V8 in it.
 Nice stock 46 Hudson coupe.
 Model A very nicely done.

 This Pierce Arrow Limo was a parts car when this owner bought it and made a hot rod with a Pontiac, automatic trans. and 9" rear end it also has the privacy glass behind the driver and a TV in the back seat.
 Really purple.
 It got up to 100 in the after noon but Karen and Charley did OK with lots of cold water and ice tea. The awards were at 2:30 so we got the car loaded up and were back on the road home by 3:30.
 The 51 won Best Modified.
The 69 Mustang has been primed with the body work done and is now being block sanded for final paint check out all the work at Hackberry Auto Body Blog.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


It's been a while sense the last post so I will up date progress on the Mustang and Thunderbird.

 In May I loaded up the Mustang and towed it to Hackbeery Auto Body, a shop that opened this year that's just 5 miles from the house.
 To follow the body and paint work progress go to and click on blog. Joe's wife is taking grate pictures and posting them on there blog.
 The first thing that was found is the car had 3 different size tires on that made it set uneven so I brought over a couple of wheels and Joe (the owner) bought a used tire to level the car.
 The car was sand blasted in the areas the still showed rust spots and additional welding was required in a few spots.

 The deck lid and right back fender were dinged out with hammer and dolly, body filler then blocked sanded.
 The top and the passenger door received the same treatment with special attention paid to the gaps and fit at the door and deck lid.

 The 65 T-Bird was painted gold over the original color Chantilly Beige and the paint job is very poor along with a lot of bondo used.
 Instead of just sanding to apply new paint I decided to strip the car down to bare metal, do the proper body work then paint.
 Last week I loaded the T-Bird 390 engine in to the 74 and took it to Sure-way a local machine shop
in Kingman for a complete rebuild and bought a Edelbrock Performer Manifold,Camshaft, lifters, timing chain and gears for an up grade.

The parts that can be taken off are removed then striped. 
 This is the hood you can see that there are 4 or 5 layers of paint to be striped off so this will take a while to get the rest of the body done.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


The Mustang was complete with all the sheet metal parts except the hood so it was ordered from  Dynacorn and it came in a very large box on a pallet and I had to go into town to pick it up at the truck dock.
 When the hood was installed I tried to close it and both hinges were rusted in the open position and the hood would not close even after soaking them with penetrating oil, they were removed and put in the vice and had to be hit with a hammer to get them to move. The right hinge came free but the left hinge broke one of the pins and will be replaced.  
 The door latches were installed so the doors and fender could be aligned at the body shop. The left front bumper support that had been straightened but hit the grill stone deflector as it was 2" higher than the right side so a new one was ordered.

 When the S.S. gutters at the roof were removed there was rust damage on the left side that had to be repaired, all the seam sealer was dug out to check the rest of the roof that was OK.

 The upholstery and all the interior parts were washed and scrubbed with dish soap and Clorox to get rid of the mildew and dirt from storage and I was surprised how well they cleaned up including the seat belts. The drivers seat has a couple of tears in the cushion but is usable, the rest of the parts are in pretty good shape.
 All the upholstery was treated with Armor All, door sills and rear side panels painted and carpet cleaned but not in very good condition.

 The cracks in the padded dash were filled and repaired with black silicone (one small hole in the top left corner of the photo) and the cracks around the speaker, then I bought a plastic grill to cover up the rest of the speaker area. Armor All made the rest of the dash look good.
My work on the Mustang project is done for right now and ready for the body and paint work to be done,
I will get the 65 Thunderbird out and get started in it again.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Started the mustang for the first time yesterday and it sounds really good.

 The Borgenson power steering box and pump work 100% better than the stock ones. Headers fit with clearance around everything.
 New hoses, fan shroud and all the wiring is repaired. I should have added a heater control valve as the hot water flows through the heater core all the time but that is the way it was stock. The new distributor is larger then stock due to the coil in the cap and required a street ell at the heater hose connection as the stock one was too tall. Lokar throttle and kick down cables are used to fit the Edelbrock manifold and carburetor.
 The exhaust system started with a 2 1/2" pipe kit from Speedway Motors.
 I bought a pipe bender from Harbor Freight to bend the smaller kicks needed.
 The old shocks were installed and the rear end supported to make sure the proper of clearance.
 Muffler's are Summit Racing and the drive shaft with new U joints was installed.
 The straight section required offset and kicks at the headers.
 The 3 bolt flanges came with the Try-Y headers.
 The bends that came with the kit did not work for the bends over the axle and I had to modify the angle with pie cuts then weld them up.

All the exhaust was tack welded together then removed from the car welded up, welds were ground  to check for pinholes.  Then, the pipes were painted with high temperature paint and re- installed. 

 Home made mufflers support 
 I had 2 1/2" flanges in stock to fabricate the "H" pipe.
 The lower valance was temporally installed to get the tail pipes in the right location. 
 The new front calipers that were back ordered finally came and I was able to complete the brake system with my wife's help to pump the pedal for bleeding.
 A new aluminum 3 row radiator takes the place of the 2 row copper one.
I have contacted a local body shop to come and give me a estimate for body and paint work before I put any more of the car together.