Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sacramento Autorama

The Grand National Roadster Show and the Sacramento Autorama Custom Car Show are put on by the same producer so we signed up for both shows and went to Sacramento February 11th and got back home on the18th.

 We left on Tuesday a day early and stayed over night at a KOA in Visaila CA to break up the 12 hour drive.

Ran into a lot of fog on Wednesday morning through the valley and arrived at the Cal Expo RV park before noon.

Thursday morning I got the car out and loaded the display carpet into the car through the front window so we would not have to take the truck, camper & trailer into the fair grounds to unload
 as we had so much trouble in L.A.

The drive in went smoothly with no rain but when we got into the building we had to wait for an hour until the cars parked behind us came in.

We unloaded the display items and carpet while we waited and I started cleaning.

Got the carpet unrolled and taped down, backed the car in and started the set up.

The car cleaned up easily as I did all the prep work at home and kept it covered for the trip.

They gave us a good spot at the end of the row where we a lot of room for the sign's, album and photo screen.  On aside note:  the drag race posters were a big hit with the fans.  These posters were from drag races I attended,  and raced in the late 50's and early 60's in Northern California Area.

We finished around 3 in the afternoon, packed up the towels and cleaning stuff  on a collapsible hand cart and walked to the RV park a mile away.

The show opened Friday at noon and we were allowed in an hour be for opening to dust and check the display set up.

The pink Packard and candy apple red Mercury are part of the John D'Agostino Builder of the Year Award.

The 41 Willy's won best flames.

This hand built Bat mobile is a very strange looking creation with pocket doors.

 Custom chopped Cad won the Joe "Candy Apple Red" Bailon Award 

 Chopped Lincoln won second place in radical hard tops behind our 51.

58 T bird was entered for the Custom D'Elegance Award.

Our display looking down from the stairway.

Ron (me) on the stage receiving the first place award for radical custom hardtop.

Ron & Karen after the awards two happy campers.

We could not break down the display or move the car until 7pm after the show closed then loaded everything into to car and drove back to the RV park (to avoid bringing the truck and trailer in). Loaded up the car, strapped it down, covered it and put things away to be ready to leave on Monday morning then had dinner around 8.30. The next day we left early and made good time until we got south of Fresno where the freeway was shutdown for a multi car crash that took an hour and a half to get through. Due to the delay we were very tired at Barstow and spent the night. Got back home on Tuesday around noon. 

Above is the 1st. place trophy and below is 1st. and 2nd. place from both shows.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Grand National Roadster Show

In June 2013 we submitted the entry form for to take the 1951 chopped Ford 4 door to the Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona (LA) California and received acceptance in November.
I sent the car to Hot Rods by Dean in Phoenix to have the stainless trim around the windows and glass channels re-done as the welds could be seen from the chop then spent 4 weeks cleaning & polishing the top, bottom & engine and made props for the display, the theme was "need for speed".

 We loaded up the car into the trailer behind the truck & camper and headed to LA Wednesday morning.
 Arrived after noon at the KOA across from the Fairplex, unloaded the scooter and I rode around to see the lay out of where we would go to unload the car.
 Thursday at 9 AM we got in line at the staging area and waited  for over an hour to be let into the building area where the car was to go into Building #7.
 We were rushed to get the car carpet and display unloaded then moved the truck camper trailer to the far end of the building.  Only to find out several hours later that we were hemmed in badly.  I had to back up a 1/2 building length and then was told to drive around fountains between hand railings for buildings ... not fun at all.
 We unrolled the carpet then had to maneuver the car back and forth in between two other cars to get it in place that caused the carpet to be wadded up under the car and around the tires, it took 1/2 hour and a borrowed floor jack to straighten out the carpet then we could tape it down.
 We spent about 2 hours setting up the display with Karen and Charlie's help.
 This is the show board sign that Hot Rods by Dean made up for us
 The display had a stained glass window with a light box behind it, old race track picture and a Kodak picture display showing the build photos.
 I have some drag race poster from the 50's that I framed and used in the display along with the build photo album.
 The display turned out very good and we used LED strings of lights under the car so the judge's could see the bottom.
 My hard work under the hood looked good.
 Some other cars: Studebaker modified into a woody station wagon
 This car was all hand formed that won several awards.

 This is the 2014 AMBR winner.
 Another Studebaker named "Stupedbaker" Bonneville salt flats car. 
 beautiful chopped Lincoln
 Speed record holder Jet car

 Very nice Lincoln Zephyr
 Chopped Hudson
 1934 Ford 4 door with a 501 CI engine
 The stained glass I made for the show
 One of my bucket list items to have a car good enough to compete at the Grand National Roadster Show (old Oakland Roadster Show from my high school days) now 50 years later its here.
 I received 2nd place in Radical Hard Top class.