Monday, April 24, 2017


We went to the AVI Casino near Laughlin Nevada located on the Colorado river with the 51 for the River Cruizers car show April 20 thru 23. Weather was good on Thursday then the wind came up on Friday and Saturday but it was warm in the 80's and 90's. We stayed at the AVI RV park across from the Casino.

 This Pontiac has been in the family for over 30 years and is now a street rod with all new suspension and drive train.

 41 Cord with a EFI small block Chevy nicely done. 
 You can see the river in the background as the show is held on the grass just above the river.

 I really like this 40 Cadillac, if I do another project car this will be a good choice. For a 1940's car there is a lot of room in it and a large trunk.

 The owner did a lot of special things like the trunk, steering wheel, display and a picture of Bob's Big Boy in 1940 on the dash. A 500 CI Cad is under the hood.

 Custom, chopped Mercury with Candy Apple Tangerine paint.  

 This 33 Plymouth with a Hemi in it was just finished and won a award. A nice job on a unusual car.
 There was a 50 Cadillac park next to me with a 500 CI engine and has a EFI setup on that I will probably put on the 65 Thunderbird. You can see the Fitech throttle body that takes the place of the carburetor.

 The Fitech sump has a high pressure pump in and is supplied with fuel by the stock fuel pump. This system requires no in tank pump or return line to the gas tank and is half the cost of other EFI systems.

 This is the 50 Cad with the EfI set up in it.

 The 51 won an award at the Sunday morning award presentation. 
 We loaded up Sunday morning and were home by noon. The AVI is 1 1/2 hours from the house.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


The caboose project is coming along with all the framing done inside. While waiting for the sheet rocker to schedule us in I worked on the outside metal work. Completed hand rails on the West end are shown below.

 To make the 4 hand rails I used 50' of 3/4" conduit as I have a bender to make the 90 degree bends and it looked to be the right size for hand rails.
 The hand rail was laid out on the floor and the pieces cut to fit the pattern 4 times then welded together.
3" X 3" X 3/16" plates were cut for the mounting plates and welded on.
 All the rails were ground smooth, cleaned and center chains added before painting.

 This is the East end with hand rails in place.
 1" X 1" square tube and 1 1/4" X 1/4" flat bar was bought for the step and ladder fabrication.
 I had a set of aluminum running boards from the 74 truck that were damaged from a tire blow out the I was able to straighten for the boarding steps. You can see one of them is cut in to three pieces as 6 steps are needed.
 A cardboard pattern was made and held up on the caboose to check how they would look. The first pattern stuck out to far so a second was made setting the two lower steps back with a little overlap.
 The running board steps were not wide enough for the opening in the deck of the caboose by about a 1" so I used a flat plate on one side and a channel plate on the other.
 1 X 1 square tube was cut and welded to the end plates to support the steps.

 This is the step assembly before paint.

 West end steps installed.
 East end steps installed.
 For the ladder the two 10' flat bars were welded to 1 X 1 square tube stand off's withe 5" X 5" X 3/16" mounting plates.
 1X1 square tube 12" long will be used for the ladder rungs.
 Ready to add the rungs.
The sheet rock, tapping and texture should be complete by the end of April. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


This year we made the March Good Guys show in Scottsdale AZ. Last year we had to cancel as I was  working in San Diego. The weather was great with the temp in the 70's and low 80's. We had another  trailer tire blow out on the way, in a bad location, on the 101 loop freeway in Scottsdale and the trailer lights plug in the back of the truck keep coming unplugged so it took 6 hours to get to West-world rather than 3. Arrived on Thursday, set the camper up and checked in then on Friday took the Kaiser into the show.

 The first day I went down to the polo field area and park on the pavement in front of the vendor area.

 This car, parked next to us, is from Wickenberg Az beautifully done with a great owner the was nice to visit.
 Model "T" with a big block Ford engine stuffed under the hood.

 On Saturday Karen helped set the car up in the Builders Choice area where the top 10 cars are picked from.

 This 51 Ford took the top 10 and a Builders Choice award's. It is chopped and sectioned.

 Big block Lincoln engine. The car is on of those you would call an over the top build.

 This Chrysler Saratoga parked next to us also won one of the top 10 award, note the stitch work in the upholstery below.


 How about a chopped Edsel station wagon.
 Builders Choice award went to this dropped Lincoln convertible.
 Karens Kaiser won the Wildcard award and on Sunday we parked in the winners circle area. 

 Karen tried to stay out of the sun as it was a in the 80,s on Sunday.
 During the show the car backfired while starting it in the afternoon  and bent the butterfly in the throttle body. I was able to straighten it some what but could not get the throttle to close properly so it was hard to drive with the fast idle but we got through it and got the car loaded up Sunday afternoon for the trip home on Monday.
 This is the award Karens Kaiser won. 
On Monday I unloaded the car and camper then went to Discount Tire in Kingman and had 4 new Goodyear tires, made in the USA, put on the trailer. A new butterfly for the throttle body has been ordered.