Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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For the past year when we go to Costco in Prescott, as there is none in Kingman, there is a Caboose right off I-40 near Ashfork  that my wife points out every time we pass it. This last trip she said that she has always wanted a Caboose and wanted to know if we could find one. When we checked into it they are very expensive and the cost to bring one to our property made it too costly for us to afford. During the search online we found a person in southern California  (Dogpatch and Western Railroad) that offers a kit with plans to build you own replica Caboose, so we sent for the plans and decided to build a Caboose.
First thing to do is pick and clear a location and we decided to put it on the north side of the house behind the RV shelter.

 The chain link fence was taken down and there was a lot of stored material that must be moved. The RV shelter is behind the tree.
 These are looking from the RV shelter up towards the house showing what had to be moved and the trees that must be taken out.
 Below is the view the Caboose will have looking North that will have a cupola, that is the look out structure on the roof.

 These two pictures are after everything is moved, the trees taken out and several days on the tractor moving dirt and leveling.
 The three pictures below is the form work with re-bar for the foundation of the rock retaining wall that will be in front and parallel with the 36 ft. long Caboose.

 Every 30 days all the cars get started and moved, during the last starting of the Kaiser a weird mechanical noise came from the engine and Karen was able to pin point it in the front part of the valve cover on the drivers side. In order to remove the valve cover the intake manifold had to removed. When I got the valve cover off the #5 intake rocker push rod had popped out and was hitting the valve cover and was bent. I did a compression check to make sure the piston and valve were OK, straightened the push rod and put it back in to check rocker and valve operation that looks good. I could find nothing else wrong so a new push rod has been ordered and I will put it back together.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


After a year and 1000 man hours the 69 Mustang is ready to give back to my son and grandson for the final up grades (when they can afford it) like  wheels & tires,alignment, re-upholster seats, radio, some of the interior knobs and handles. The car is ready to drive with new tires and alignment.

 The color is "Granite Silver" that is close to a 65 Mustang Gunmetal Gray.

New windshield, door glass and rear glass seal was done by Jim's House of Glass in Kingman.
 The interior of the car was cleaned and I was able to save the dash, seats and door panels. The head liner and carpet has been replaced.

 The rebuilt 302 engine with new goodies turned out grate and runs real good. The transmission, rear end and suspension has been rebuilt.

 Below are a few pictures of the car when we started this project.

Next project is the 65 Thunderbird that has been started and I am waiting for Joe at Hackbeery Auto Body to schedule it in for engine compartment and some accessory's to be painted then back to me to get it running.

Monday, October 3, 2016


September 22 to 25 the River Cruzers held there 25th Rodden on the River car show at the Riverside Resort in Laughlin Nevada that we took the 60 Ford Starliner to. The show runs Thursday to Saturday with the awards on Sunday morning. The new grills and paint looks grate.

 There was a good turn out with a wide verity of cars and trucks.
 This is a miniature that is 1/3 the size of a normal car.
 The Starliner shows very well at these local car shows and gets a lot of attention.
 Karen comes down with me in the morning and stays at the camper in the RV park in the afternoon with Charley (our dog). The Riverside Resort has a very nice RV park across the street from the Casino. This was Saturday morning and at 8:30 there was a cruse up Laughlin Blvd. with most of the cars in the show went on the 10 mile parade, the new suspension preformed grate.

 This is also a miniature car with a miniature boat and trailer behind it you can see the other one in the back ground. These cars are driven by normal size people and you sit in the back seat.

 A wild truck with matching motor cycle. The truck has a super charged big block mounted in the bed.
 Old school 49 Cadillac custom with a Studebaker next to it note the large wrap around back window.

 We liked the frog cartoon on the back of this 40 Ford.
 At the awards on Sunday morning I received a Dazzling Dozen trophy. The awards were over by 8:30 so we were able to pack up and be home by noon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mustang Body and Paint done

The 69 Mustang has been at Hackbeery Auto Body for 4 months and the body and paint work is beautiful. Picked it up mid August and started to complete the reassemble.

 The color (Granite Silver) shown like it really is in the in these two pictures. The one below is loaded into the car trailer to bring it back to my shop.

 Unload at the shop my camera did not show off the paint very good.
 The new grill was installed first the parking lights mount on the bumper so will go in when the new bumpers arrive.
 Next all the weather striping was installed the two photo's below show the trunk lid being done.

 Headliner was next but the dome light had to go in first.
The gray material is thermal and noise insulation glued to the top then the headliner was hung in place be the bows, back bow first, the stainless roof molding and gutter had to go in first.
 The old wind lace was cut into 1" pieces and used to clip the edges of the headliner in place while fitting.
 The area around the rear window was the most difficult to fit.

 Once clipped and fit in place then it was glued, stretched (all the wrinkles)  and re clipped until the glue set.

Above and below shows the Dynamat sound and thermal barrier installed on the floor.
A new carpet kit was installed over the Dynamat and the seat belts reinstalled.
The dash was put back in when I found that the front inside window trim could not be installed with the padded dash in place so it came back out until the front glass in put in.

A couple more carpet pictures.
My computer died that my camera is connected to so some of the pictures were lost. The window regulators in the doors and quarter windows were a challenge to figure out but I got all 4 installed along with the quarter glass but the door glass will have to be installed by Jim's House of Glass who is providing and installing the windshield next week. After that the interior of the car can be completed, the bumpers and all of the exterior trim can be done. So I am about two weeks away from completing this project, then it will be delivered to my son and grandson in northern California who will pick out and install the new wheels, tires and have the alignment done.