Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mustang Body and Paint done

The 69 Mustang has been at Hackbeery Auto Body for 4 months and the body and paint work is beautiful. Picked it up mid August and started to complete the reassemble.

 The color (Granite Silver) shown like it really is in the in these two pictures. The one below is loaded into the car trailer to bring it back to my shop.

 Unload at the shop my camera did not show off the paint very good.
 The new grill was installed first the parking lights mount on the bumper so will go in when the new bumpers arrive.
 Next all the weather striping was installed the two photo's below show the trunk lid being done.

 Headliner was next but the dome light had to go in first.
 Headliner was hung in place be the bows, back bow first the stainless roof molding and gutter had to go in first.
 The old wind lace was cut into 1" pieces and used to clip the edges of the headliner in place while fitting.
 The area around the rear window was the most difficult to fit.

 Once clipped and fit in place then it was glued, stretched (all the wrinkles)  and re clipped until the glue set.

Above and below shows the Dynamat sound and thermal barrier installed on the floor.
A new carpet kit was installed over the Dynamat and the seat belts reinstalled.
The dash was put back in when I found that the front inside window trim could not be installed with the padded dash in place so it came back out until the front glass in put in.

A couple more carpet pictures.
My computer died that my camera is connected to so some of the pictures were lost. The window regulators in the doors and quarter windows were a challenge to figure out but I got all 4 installed along with the quarter glass but the door glass will have to be installed by Jim's House of Glass who is providing and installing the windshield next week. After that the interior of the car can be completed, the bumpers and all of the exterior trim can be done. So I am about two weeks away from completing this project, then it will be delivered to my son and grandson in northern California who will pick out and install the new wheels, tires and have the alignment done.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


After 138 hours I finally have the T-Bird down to bear metal.

 With all the paint off I can see the amount of body damage there is on both sides of the car that was covered up with Bondo and gold paint.
 The under side of the hood and trunk is also striped.
 Next I was going to repair or replace the vacuum lines that are mostly on the A/C system
 You can see from these two pictures that there are a lot of vacuum on this unit including a very complicated vacuum switch that rotates to select the correct vacuum port to be operated (above in the middle). The old system was removed and a new one bought with no vacuum control.
 I looked on line and found a company,Classic Auto Air, that makes a A/C system for non A/C Thunderbird's. I called to see if it could be used in a car with existing A/C and they said yes with some modifications, the control panel had to changed out for a heat only T-Bird that I bought on E Bay, a adapter, that they make, must be bought to use the original dash lover and I would have to make my own plate on the fire wall to cover up the old holes and allow the new lines to come through.
 Above and below is the new A/C system unit. It came as a complete system with new Sanden Rotary Compressor, condenser, drier, evaporator and heater core's and all the hoses and fittings.
 Below is the new unit in place under the dash.
 The fire wall was filled (welded up) where all the old hoses and lines came through and a new plate made for the new lines. The rest of the engine compartment was sanded down and will be painted the new color of the car.

 I purchased a powder coating system and set it up in the RV shelter. I had to run air and power to the new location. Above is the controller and below is the gun.  
 I built a spray both out of PVC pipe and plastic sheeting
                               A negative wire is connected to the piece and the gun shoots a positive charged powder.

 I bought a oven for $25.00 on Craig's list.
 A rack was built for the inside of the oven to hang the coated parts on. The coated parts are baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
 Coated parts are then hung out to cool.
 The instrument panel will be sent to Dakota Digital and converted to digital gauges.
 The color of the dash will be changed to the new color of the car so I took it apart for the paint work before it go's to Dakota Digital.
 All the chrome parts were set to Sherm's Custom Plating in Sacramento CA for new chrome.

 The engine has been rebuilt with all the powder coated brackets and parts fitted. 
 New manifold, compressor and water pump installed and the valve covers have been stripped to be painted the same color as the car.

Be sure to take a look at Hackberry Auto Body blog to see the Mustang that is receiving final paint, gun metal gray, and should be back to me next week. Then the T-Bird will go to Hackberry for the engine compartment, gauge panel and engine parts to be painted then back to me for engine installation and get it running before body and finish paint work.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Saturday June 18 we took the 51 to  the Yavapai Classic Cruisers car show at Mile High Middle School in Prescott AZ. We left the house at 5:30 AM as it's a 2 hour trip to Prescott and the show started at 8 AM, all went well except one of the trailer tires had a large blister on the side of it when we arrived at the show. I carry 2 spares in the trailer and changed the tire after I unloaded the car, checked in and had the car set up.

 They had over 200 cars show up for the Fathers Day show and a good verity like this willies Gasser and chopped 34.
 Chopped and channeled rat rod I think it started out as a Chevy.

 1953 Kaiser like Karens Kaiser except this one is stock with a Chevy V8 in it.
 Nice stock 46 Hudson coupe.
 Model A very nicely done.

 This Pierce Arrow Limo was a parts car when this owner bought it and made a hot rod with a Pontiac, automatic trans. and 9" rear end it also has the privacy glass behind the driver and a TV in the back seat.
 Really purple.
 It got up to 100 in the after noon but Karen and Charley did OK with lots of cold water and ice tea. The awards were at 2:30 so we got the car loaded up and were back on the road home by 3:30.
 The 51 won Best Modified.
The 69 Mustang has been primed with the body work done and is now being block sanded for final paint check out all the work at Hackberry Auto Body Blog.