Sunday, July 9, 2017


There is a car show each year in Prescott AZ on Fathers Day week end that I enjoy if it is not to hot. This year I took the Kaiser for the one day show.

 The Kaiser shows well and always draws  a lot of attention. 

 There is always large verity of cars like this modified VW and Packard.
 Chopped and channeled 32 sedan next to a rat rod.
 The cars are separated on two sides of the center isle in to two categories modified above and stock / restored below. The Kaiser was put into modified.
 Very nice Olds Tornado and a Chrysler 300 convertible.
 There were about 200 to 300 cars at the show.

 Restored Dodge truck above and vintage Jag below.
 Nice day not to hot got into the 90's in the afternoon but the awards are given out at 2:30 and I was on my way home by 3:330.

Stained Glass for Caboose

I decided that the Caboose needed some color so I made 2 stained glass windows for the 2 - 2' X 2' windows at the top of the cupola.

 The Owl and Flying Dragon turned out good
 Added lots of color and blocks out the sun in the afternoon.
 Karen at work in her Caboose
 The glass work starts with sketches and drawings at the size the window will be. 
 Here you can see the picture turned into drawing then a pattern. The glass band saw is in the foreground for the Moore difficult cuts.

 I use a piece of plywood marked up with center lines then make a frame the size of the glass and lay the pattern in it to fit the pieces after they have been cut.There are 2 glass grinders on the work bench, one with a 1" bit and one with a 1/4" bit to fit the glass together.

 Here the glass is being fit together then the edges are foiled with copper tape for the solder that binds it together. You can see the foil tape and table on the bottom right.

These glass windows take about 50 hours each.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


The Caboose project started last September 2016 and I spent 890 hrs on it over the 9 months. All the work and fabrication was done by me with the exception of the sheet rock, tape and texture.

 The finished ladder is shown above and the 1" pipe and bender shone below while bending the top of the ladder.
 Top handles will be placed separately from the ladder.
 The ladder all welded together and painted.
 This is Jeff taping the sheet rock after he finished hanging it.

Sanding the joints is very dusty.
With all the sanding done texture is next.
Jeff with the texture hopper spraying the texture. Note all the windows, doors and supports are taped and covered for the third time.
I bought a airless sprayer at Harbor Freight on a Mothers Day sale rather than rent one from the Home Depot.
I went through 7 gal of paint and the walls and ceiling were still not covered so we got 7 gal's more and Karen helped me roll it on to get good coverage.
With painting complete I set the cabinets and installed the stairs then started the floor.
The sub floor was filled and leveled the the under lament foam material was put down for the flooring.

Karen found this cheery wood "Pergo" flooring on sale at the Pergo Warehouse on line and it was shipped to the house.
Very easy to install except all the cut & fit around the cabinets, stairs and posts.
The base trim and corner trim around the mezzanine floor was all cut and fit with some of it glued on and some nailed on.

All the light fixtures are LED with 3 - 2 footers  under the center beam  a 4' footer above the counter, 2 - 8" round on the ceiling of the copula and a chandelier on the hi ceiling.
I fabricated the two upper railings wit the leftover 2" and 1" square tubing.
The chandelier is the original fixture that was in the dining room of the house that has been replaced with a Crystal chandelier.

Karen found 2 chairs at the Home Depot that would fit in the copula. 
The interior turned out beautiful and is ready for Karen to start moving in. I still have to purchase the book shelving and brackets when we can afford it

Sunday, April 30, 2017


The body work has started on our 65 T- Bird, the interior and engine parts have been painted "Blazin Copper" that will be the color of the car. You can see progress pictures on Face Book by going to Joe Russo, page and Hackbeery Auto body Blog.

 The gray is the primer over the finished body work.
 The new smaller Gas door has been installed and finished.
 Engine parts received the same attention and preparation as the body.

 The gauges and dash were taken apart for chrome and paint then put back together so it can be sent to Dakota Digital to be converted to digital gauges and to incorporate a cruse control.

 I'm glad that I took pictures when I took the dash apart so it could be put back together.
 Center console painted.
 Dash also painted.
 Rear panel and seat backs as well as all the other interior parts that were the stock color are painted.

 Below are pictures of the engine mocked up with the painted parts.

 A update on the caboose project the interior drywall has been been completed.

 The metal corner trim still needs to be completed then it can be taped, filled and textured.

 It looks a lot different with the sheet rock up.