Sunday, May 17, 2015


Progress is being made on the 65 T-Bird with the scraping, cleaning and sanding done on the under carriage, engine compartment and front suspension areas. I decided to use the original paint color, Med. Beige Metallic or Chantilly Beige, and ordered a quart of  primer, base color and clear coat to paint the engine compartment and fire wall. The PPG color name is Silver Sand.

 Above is the finished fire wall and below is what I started with.

 Above and below is the battery area before and after with a new piece fabricated and welded in under the rusted out battery box .

 Drivers side front of engine compartment.

  Right front before & after.

 Left front before & after.
 All the wiring has been repaired new loom installed and put back in place. New vacuum and windshield washer hoses were installed.
 The cowl area (above) was sanded, primed and painted and the wiper motor, arms, cover and brackets were blasted, primed & painted.
 Avery thing was primed with PPG Epoxy Primer.
 Below the color was applied the next day then a day later the Epoxy Clear went on.
 All the suspension and frame parts have been blasted, primed and painted along with all the nuts, bolts, screws and every piece that could be taken off the car. 450 hours spent on the car so far.
 These are the new front coil overs that will replace the coil springs and the rear shocks from Ridetech.
As soon as I can afford the ball joints, bushings and components to rebuild the front suspension I will put it back together. The new master cylinder that I ordered leaked around the piston at the push rod hole while I was bench bleeding it so it was send back and I am waiting for the replacement to show up.

Friday, May 8, 2015


The first week end of May each year the Historic Rout 66 Association of Arizona puts a 3 day Fun Run Event on that starts Friday night in Seligman then on Saturday morning all the cars line up for the run to Kingman through Grand Canyon Caverns, Peach Springs, Truxton, Valentine, Hackberry and Vale Vista  and end up in Old Town for a all day show & shine.

 This year we took the 51- 4 door and parked where there are shade trees behind us.
 Karen and Charlie enjoyed the all day shade.

 I liked this 1929 La Salle that is mostly original.

 Grate looking 30's Boat Tail Auburn unfortunately it's a reproduction. 

 Cars line up on both sides of 2 streets that stretches for 5 blocks each plus the side streets, I believe that there were over 700 cars this year.
 As you can see there was large verity of cars, something for every one. 

 Lots of cars towing antique trailers, I would say at least 20 were there.
On Sunday morning there is a pancake breakfast at the Power House then a run through Oatman (a old mining town)  to Topock/Golden Shores, on the Colorado River, where the awards ceremony is held. If you want to come next year go to

Monday, April 20, 2015


The AVI Resort is located below Laughlin , Nevada on the Colorado River and the show put on by the River Cruizers Car Club runs from Thursday to Saturday (April 16 to 18) with awards on Sunday morning.
We screwed up and did not get there until Friday morning so the show was almost full.
The AVI has a KOA RV next to it where we stayed with our truck camper and car trailer.

 We took the Kaiser as we had taken the 51 last year and the Starliner is still in the paint shop.
 Lot's of nice cars like this 1969 Mustang Fast Back, you can see that the event is right on the river.
 Chopped custom Mercury with lot's of chrome.
 I think this is a 1948 Anglia drag car.
 One of the club members customized Studebaker Golden Hawk with a Paxton blower
 Nice 34 with window air.
 Restored Nash Metropolitan with the river in the background. 
 This 40 has a shortened bed and a 4" lengthened cab for moor leg room.  

 Karen won best 50's car award on Sunday morning.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


After I got the back of the car back together I started taking the front apart and the moor I took apart the moor that needed to come apart.

 Above the car is completely apart and the scrape and clean starts.
 After taking lots of pictures so I could remember how everything goes back together the engine and transmission came out and will be rebuilt.
 The engine compartment was a mess and the firewall had been coated with a rubbery coating that would not scrape off like under seal dose so a variety of paint remover's had to be used.
 All the brake system components were gummed up and removed ,lines flushed and the booster, master cylinder and rubber lines will be replaced.
 The battery box area was rusted out and has been repaired with new hand formed metal. The wiring harness's will be repaired and reused.
 Below I had to make my own spring compressor from a piece 5/8 running thread and a heavy metal plate to remove the coil springs. The coil springs will be replaced with "coil overs" from Ride Tech. The rear shocks are also Ride Tech.

The Dash has been removed for access to the vacuum lines and wiring that needs to be repaired or replaced along with the heater, A/C and air vent parts that are no good.

 All the removed parts are being sand blasted, primed with red oxide then a top coat.
Lots of work to do that will keep me busy for several months.