Saturday, July 5, 2014


In May I took my 74 Ford F-250, that I have had for 40 years, to Hot Rods by Dean to get the the left front fender replaced the was damaged by a tire blow out while I was returning from Phoenix delivering the Edsel 292 to be rebuilt. Dean did a great job on the fender, matching the 40 year old paint and repairing some damaged paint and trim behind the left rear wheel opening also caused by an earlier blow out.
 The tread came off and hit the fender, broke the support bracket, bent the running board and did other damage.
 This is what is left of the tire. The truck now has 4 new tires on it.
 We scheduled our trip to Phoenix to pick up the truck the weekend of May 17 as Dean had invited us to attend his invitation only open house to unveil the 1958 Chevy Impala that he was commissioned to build by Street Rodder Magazine.
 We picked up the truck Saturday morning at Dean's shop then went to West World RV park in Scottsdale with the 74 and our camper. We used the 74 to run around and to go to Dean's that evening.
The "reveal" was hosted by Brian Brennan the Editorial Director/Editor of Street Rodder Magazine with some of his staff on hand. The Impala is the 2014 Amsoil/Street Rodder Road Tour car that will be driven on the tour June through October. You can see the schedule and locations in the magazine. 
 There will be a article in Street Rodder that list's all the info and specs on the car. The attention to detail is unbelievable.  
 Upholstery is by Glen Kramer "Hot Rod Interiors" of Phoenix

 Picture is a little dark but you can see the large fins that made that year Chevy stand out.
 The car has a custom made chassis, engine and every thing else except the body. 
 This is the Street Rodder shop truck also built by Hot Rods By Dean.

Monday, May 26, 2014


This is an update on the 1960 Edsel station wagon project that was started in 2008.
The engine was removed , striped down to the block and heads and taken to Baileys machine shop in Mesa AZ near Phoenix.

 While the engine was being rebuilt I started to assemble the rest of the car to see what parts were missing.
 The tailgate was missing the inside cover (above) and a new one fabricated and installed (below) along with the chrome strips.
 The rear chrome, latch and handle were there and worked, but the shoulder bolts that support the rear hatch had to be made on my lathe. The back up light lens are in bad shape and cracked, the station wagon lens (4) are longer than a sedan and I have not been able to find any replacements. The gravel pan is missing but one is available from Dennis Carpenter.
 All the rusty parts were sand blasted and painted using my small blaster. 
 Inner-fenders had been blasted and primed but sat around so long that they rusted through the paint and had to be redone.
 The front radiator, head light and hood latch support after blasting and painting. The hood latch assembly that bolts to this support had been damaged then badly repaired so I had to take it off the parts car.
 The rebuilt engine came back, painted and all the parts bolted on with new transmission cooling lines made.
 Engine going back in the car with a beer to celebrate.
 All the engine components were bead blasted in my cabinet and painted, exhaust manifolds have high temp paint on them.
The surge tank on top and the fan were badly damaged and replaced. I found the tank on Craig's list and the fan on E Bay both in L.A. I made a new fuel line to the carburetor and rebuilt the power steering pump.
 All new hoses and belts were bought and the generator rebuilt. I used the old distributor cap, rotor and spark plug wires as they were in good shape with new spark plugs.
 A new fuel pump and water pump purchased and installed.
 I found a exhaust system on E Bay that is an exact replica of the original. The same company that made the Hudson exhaust system for me.
 It fit just like the stock one.
 Even over the rear axle then out side the frame with the muffler hung from the original hanger.

Next the rest of the body, chrome and bumpers will go on and I will get the engine running.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I have been out of commission for the last 2 months with some health problems that ended up
with surgery the 3rd of April and had to cancel the Good Guys Scottsdale show along with a couple other car shows we usually do. So the 3rd week of April we decided to go to Monument Valley that is 7 miles into Utah just across the Arizona border in the 4 corners area.
 We made reservations at Goulding's campground and RV park that is well kept, clean and level RV spots.
 The area around the campground is beautiful and across from the Valley its self (photo below)
 The next day we signed up for the 31/2 hour tour that covers a 17 mile loop through Monument Valley and some back country and waited in front of the store for the 9 AM start.
 The tour is in a converted 1 ton truck that can carry 16 people with a Plexiglas front wind shield and roll down side curtains.
 Goulding's motel / lodge, restaurant and museum is located about a mile from the RV park that also has a gas station and good size grocery store.
 First stop is a traditional Navajo Hogan.
 Inside there is a demonstration of Navajo rug making, spinning and dyeing wool and corn grinding.
 It,s about a 10 minuet ride to the park where the is a entrance fee (ours covered by our tour) where we stopped at the west Mitten (below), east Mitten, Sentinel Mesa and Merrick Butte.
 On to John Ford's Point that is the site of many Hollywood films.
 Ron at Ford's point.
 Three Sisters behind Ron.

 We stopped at several Arches and hole formations above is the Eye of God
 Ear of God
 Large Hogan

 Two pictures of the Totem Pole formation.
 There were Petroglyphs and Pitrographs at 3 of the stops.

 You can drive the tour yourself but the roads are all natural and not maintained (above & below). I would not take my truck on the same tour that we went on. The Navajo tour guide and truck was well worth the cost of the tour.
 Back to the RV park by 1 PM for lunch and a walk around the area was a pleasant after noon.
 Charlie was happy to see us and go for his walk after the tour.